I have several flavored & specialty salts I want to try – what should I do with them?

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The specialty salts you’ve described would generally be considered finishing salts – they’re for adding to food after it’s cooked, either from a dish at the table or just before serving.  You can try putting them on anything really…the flavored varieties will obviously pair better with some foods than others.

Here are some general suggestions for ways to test drive them:

On buttered bread or toast.
Be sure to use unsalted butter (and we recommend using the best butter you can get your hands on to make these really special).  You can even borrow a trick from fine dining restaurants and serve guests artisanal bread with a little pot of unsalted butter and a dish of your fancy salt.

On sliced tomatoes.
We often taste fancy salts on sliced cherry tomatoes.  The combination is good for the salt and good for the tomato.

On eggs or grilled/roasted meats and seafood
Finishing salts are a great way to add flair & flavor to poultry, game meats or steaks.  Just sprinkle some on top right before serving.

On desserts
I wouldn’t try this with your savory flavored salts, but black Hawaiian salt, pink Hawaiian salt, flake salt and even smoked salt can be used to top some chocolate, peanut or caramel desserts (especially chocolate-covered caramels).

– Question Submitted by Mary

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