Which edible flowers work well with dark/milk/white chocolate…?

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…in candy bars?

I would suggest using the crystallized flowers and flower crystals we sell.  They would have a long shelf life before and after you apply them to your chocolate.

The flower crystals are made from sugar and the edible flower in their title, nothing else.  We carry them in three varieties.  I think all of them could work with your chocolates.

Rose crystals are quite mild and will likely work with any of your chocolates…they’d be more for appearance.

Fennel crystals have a strong fennel flavor – with the sugar in the crystal they taste like licorice.

Hibiscus crystals have a nice dark flavor and a tangy hibiscus flavor.

As a side note, we also sell herb crystals (mint, basil, cilantro).

The crystallized flowers we carry are made with edible flowers, egg whites, sugar water, and a food grade lacquer.  The lacquer makes them stiff and long lasting (six months to a year).  All of them are very mild (they basically taste like sugar), so you can use them with any chocolate (though dark would probably be best because of the added sugar).

Given the way you’d be using them, I’d think the rose petals and violas would work best because of their size.  They’re also fairly flat, which would reduce the risk of breakage once you’d put them in candy bars.

If you want to use fresh flowers:

I can’t speak to how these will effect the storage possibilities and shelf life for your chocolate bars…but here are some recommendations based on texture, appearance and flavor.

For use as an ingredient, I usually suggest orchids and micro orchids.  They’re beautiful, some of the hardier varieties we offer (in terms of shelf life), with a nice crisp texture and a cucumber-esque flavor.  The micro orchids would be a particularly good choice, I think.

Other great options:

Pansies & violas (note that the violas come as a mixed color blend, despite being all yellow in the photo) –  if you include the little green base of the flower, these have a mild wintergreen mint-esque flavor.  If you use just the petals, they’re essentially flavorless.

Fennel flowers – strong anise flavor

Borage Blossoms – small, delicate, pretty with a cucumber-esque flavor

Apple Blossoms – Sour/sweet green apple-esque flavor & gorgeous blossoms & edible stems.  I could see these balancing the richness/sweetness of white chocolate nicely.

This last one’s rather avant garde, but you could also use the tiny petals of Szechuan buttons.  They may not be the prettiest, but they make the mouth tingle for a few minutes (longer if you eat a lot), which is pretty wild.

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