Does black rice contain gluten?

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The short answer to your question is no, our Chinese Black Rice does not contain gluten.

In general, rice is a gluten-free food that can be safely consumed by people with gluten health concerns.  Believe it or not, this includes “glutinous rice” (aka sticky rice) varieties like mochi rice, which are actually so named because of their glue-like stickiness when cooked (due to high amounts of amylopectin), NOT gluten.  

Some Processed Rice Products May Contain Gluten
Some processed products made with rice or enriched rice varieties may contain gluten due to added ingredients, so if you’re sensitive/intolerant it’s worth examining the packaging closely for a “no gluten” or “gluten free” label (like you’ll find on our gluten free pastas).  If you don’t see one, consider contacting the manufacturer to be sure.

– Question Submitted by Brett

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