What’s the best way to deseed dried chiles?

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Removing the seeds from dried chiles reduces the overall heat level of those chiles substantially.  In addition, chile seeds have a different color and somewhat different texture than the rest of the chile, so you’ll get a more uniform result, especially when grinding chiles into powder.

The best method depends on the use you have planned for the chile.

If you’re going to grind the chiles or add them to recipes while still dry:
Snip the top off the chile (often while removing the stem) and give it a shake with the hole pointing down.  Depending on the chile variety, most of the seeds should fall out.  For some varieties you may need to cut further, up the side of the chile, and possibly use your fingers (wearing gloves is a good idea) to scrape out straggling seeds.

If you’re rehydrating the chiles:
Water helps the seeds slip away from redhydrated chiles easily. Rehydrate dried chiles as you normally would (how to rehydrate chiles), then hold them in a bowl under cool water (again, we recommend wearing gloves), tear off the stems (if any) and squeeze/scrape out the seeds.

Remove the chile’s flesh from the bowl and continue with the rest of your recipe.

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    Keizer Narayanan says:

    For best of our health, we shoud remove seeds from dried red chilies
    to cook or grind chilipowder.