Can I defrost green New Mexico chilies and refreeze them after three days?

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Should you refreeze your New Mexico chiles?  Probably not.  Refreezing produce that has already been frozen and thawed once can do a lot of damage to its flavor and texture.  We really don’t recommend it.

 – Question Submitted by Vivian

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12 Responses to “Can I defrost green New Mexico chilies and refreeze them after three days?”

  1. 1
    robbie contreras says:

    We traveled from new mexico to illinois had dry ice on roasted green chiles, they we alittle defrosted when we got home but still cold i put them in the freezer can they go bad or spoil?

  2. 2
    Matthew says:

    Hi Robbie,

    I’ve posted our best answer to your question here. Hope it helps!


  3. 3
    d hensley says:

    I’m not worried about the flavor it will be fine. Will the chike be safe to eat if refrozen?

  4. 4
    Matthew says:

    Hi D Hensely,

    We think so, but couldn’t say for sure – how the chilies were stored while thawed (and for how long) might be a factor.


  5. 5
    Beverly Bishop says:

    Green chilies were shipped on dry ice from New Mexico. Due to Easter holiday, delivery was delayed two days. Chilies were completely thawed when they arrived. Thought about blanching them and re-freezing. Will that work or be too dangerous to eat?

  6. 6
    Matthew says:

    Hi Beverly,

    I’m not sure. Have you contacted the person who sold you the frozen chilies? They might have a better idea of their safety. I can tell you that re-freezing is likely to damage their texture.

    Marx Foods

  7. 7
    Hope says:

    Our cafeteria lady had told me if the green Chile is not completely thawed out it was still OK to refreeze. We took some to New York and they didn’t completely thaw so my son refroze them and were fine. Now we going to Florida but have to stop in Houston , do you think same rule will apply, will take longer like from 11 to 11?

  8. 8
    Paula says:

    I have two bags if hatch new Mexico red puree not frozen how long will it keep not opened.please let me know ASAP.

  9. 9
    Nancy says:

    I have some hot hatches green chilies that I thawed in the refrigerator that are sealed in food saver bags. Can I refreeze them?

  10. 10
    Josh Harris says:

    It’s green “chile” or “chiles”. Not “chilies”…Bitch!

  11. 11
    Josh, Albuquerque says:

    It’s green “chile” or “chiles”. Not “chilies”…Bitch!

  12. 12
    Robert Sena says:

    Can you refreeze green Chile that has not completely thawed