How many cups of fresh basil leaves are there in a pound?

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According to “The Book of Yields”, a handbook used by chefs to estimate quantities of items normally sold by the pound, approximately 56% of basil sprigs’ weight is usable leaves. The Book of Yields also estimates that each cup of chopped (stem off) basil leaves weighs approximately 1.4 oz.

Based on these estimates, we’d guess there are approximately 8.96 oz of leaves per pound of fresh basil, and thus approximately 6.4 cups of chopped basil leaves per pound.

Please note that The Book of Yields describes estimates of fresh culinary herbs in general rather than our product specifically. In addition, they describe their cups of herbs as made up of leaves “stripped from stems before chopping”, “cut chiffonade, than cross-cut and chopped a bit more” and “tapped down but not pressed down hard.” Thus, if your recipe allows basil stems to be included or requires the leaves be firmly packed, your cups per pound will likely vary.

– Question Submitted by Irwin K.


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