How do I convert dried onions to fresh onions?

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Typically the manufacturer will recommend a conversion on the packaging, and that’s the one I’d follow.  They know their product.  Estimates I’m seeing online suggest converting dried onions by volume at 1-2 tablespoons of dried per 1/4 cup of fresh or 1 tablespoon dried per 1/3 cup fresh.  Of course, that’s quite a range.

Onions are mostly water (80-90 percent). If you’re converting by weight, I’d assume that 100% of the water isn’t removed (one description of the manufacturing process puts residual moisture at 4% water) and start estimating with the 80% measure.  Thus, 20% of the fresh weight called for should roughly equal the dried equivalent.

That said, we don’t recommend substituting dried for fresh unless you don’t have a choice, are camping, making spice blends, etc.  You’re paying a lot more for the dried product, yet getting inferior flavor and texture for your money.

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