Yield & Quantity Estimates

How many threads/pinches of saffron in 1 gram?

1 gram is a fairly large amount of saffron (relatively speaking, it’s light & potent stuff!). Depending on the quality of your saffron, that could be as many as 32 servings! We estimate (roughly) that there are about 560 threads
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How many pounds of basil do I need to make 100 5oz jars of pesto? I will be using leaves & stems.

We can’t be sure because A) it depends on your recipe and B) The Book of Yields, which we use for our herb estimates, doesn’t include stems in its calculations. However, here’s an estimate that should help you come up
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How many cups of frozen huckleberries are there in a pound?

We estimate that there are approximately 2 ½ to 3 cups of huckleberries in a pound.

How many ounces are in a ½ cup of dried morels?

We would guess that there is somewhere around 1/2oz of dried morels in a half cup.  However that’s a vague average at best…here’s why: Morels are wild mushrooms and can vary wildly in size.  As such, the number you can
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How many uni sea urchin roe pieces are on a 60g tray?

Because uni sea urchin roe pieces are a wild, natural, uncut product, their size & piece weight can vary wildly from urchin to urchin.  As a result, so can the number of pieces per tray, as they’re sold by weight
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How many passion fruit are in a case?

Unfortunately the weight of passion fruit cases can vary from week to week (and with it, the approximate number of passion fruit inside). The best we can do in terms of providing an estimate is to ask you to call
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How many saffron threads are there in a lb/oz/gram?

Thanks to intrepid customer Jim M, who weighed out several threads of our sargol saffron, we have some estimates to offer for the number of stigmas (aka threads): “40 stigma weighed about 71mg or 1.775mg per stigma.  That works out
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How many ounces of fresh truffles should I buy?

For planning purposes we usually recommend you estimate 5-7 grams of fresh European truffles per person per dish. Oregon truffles are a less intense than their European counterparts, so you may want to use more.

How much usable pulp is there per pound of passion fruit?

According to The Book of Yields, approximately 63.8% of each passion fruit (by weight) is usable pulp once the outer shell is discarded. Thus, as a very rough estimate, the usable/edible part of the fruit makes up around ten ounces
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How many tsp of habanero flakes are there per pound?

We estimate that there are approximately 280 teaspoons of habanero flakes per pound, but don’t quote us on that.  Here’s our math: The Book of Yields says that there are roughly 5.9 tablespoons of red chile flakes per ounce.  With
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How many fuyu persimmons are in a case?

Fuyu persimmons average 3-4 pieces per pound, but unfortunately the case weight we’re shipping can vary from week to week.  If you would like to know how big the cases are we’re shipping in any given week, contact us for
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How much live wheatgrass goes into a pound of blades?

People are used to buying wheatgrass as whole plants in dirt, but we ship just the cut blades to dramatically reduce shipping weight and cost.  Each pound of our organic wheatgrass was harvested from 300 square inches of growing grass. 
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How many pounds of fillets can you get from a whole salmon?

According to “The Book of Yields”, a great chef’s tool that provides general yield information for a host of common ingredients, your average dressed (headed, gutted, fins & tail off) salmon is about 75% fillet.  In other words, once you
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How many cups of fresh basil leaves are there in a pound?

According to “The Book of Yields”, a handbook used by chefs to estimate quantities of items normally sold by the pound, approximately 56% of basil sprigs’ weight is usable leaves. The Book of Yields also estimates that each cup of
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How many sprigs are in a pound of fresh sage?

Because of how widely sage leaves can vary in size (and therefore weight), we’re not able to give a helpful estimate of the number of sprigs in each pound.  However, we can tell you that you can generally assume that
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