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What exotic flavors create a really special caramel sauce…?

[For example] “…Cardamon? Meyer lemon simple syrup? Rose water?” Cardamom seems like an excellent addition to caramel sauce.  I’d probably scald the cream you’re going to be adding to the caramel with the cardamom pods or seeds (and/or any other
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Can you give me more information about dried chilies?

How Are Peppers Dried? Dried chilies can be sun dried or machine (oven) dried.  Most of our dried chilies are oven dried.  One exception I know of is our chipotle chilies, which are smoked and sun dried. Where Are Your
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I just bought your pine nuts and am hoping to make pesto – do you have a recipe you’d recommend?

Try the pesto recipe included in our baked clams recipe. It’s a winner! – Question Submitted by Pam

How many pounds of basil do I need to make 100 5oz jars of pesto? I will be using leaves & stems.

We can’t be sure because A) it depends on your recipe and B) The Book of Yields, which we use for our herb estimates, doesn’t include stems in its calculations. However, here’s an estimate that should help you come up
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How would you make a raspberry sugar and a ginger sugar?

We haven’t developed recipes for either of these flavors yet…but here are some suggestions: For raspberry sugar, try grinding dehydrated raspberries (you may be able to use freeze dried ones instead) with granulated sugar in a spice grinder or clean
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How do I make vanilla flavored sugar from vanilla beans?

There are two methods we use for making vanilla sugar from vanilla beans. Most people simply pack their vanilla beans in sugar when they’re not using them (or pack them in a jar of sugar and give them as a
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What vegetable side would you recommend for your heart-shaped lobster ravioli?

We recommend taking whatever sauce you’ve paired our heart-shaped lobster ravioli with into account when picking a veggie side (lobster ravioli sauce suggestions).  Salads in general are a good pairing choice for this ravioli – green ingredients accentuate their beautiful
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What sauce would you recommend for the heart-shaped lobster ravioli for Valentine’s Day?

This fennel & parmesan pasta sauce recipe is probably the sauce we’d recommend first for our lobster heart-shaped ravioli.  It’s bright yet light, complimenting and balancing the richness of the lobster, drawn-butter & lemon filling without overpowering it.  It also
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Is it better to use whole chilies or chile flakes in pasta sauce? Which chilies would you recommend for getting good heat?

What form of chilies you add to pasta sauce is largely a matter of personal preference.  A lot of Italian sauce recipes call for chile flakes, and chile flakes are easy to come by, convenient, easy to measure, and easy
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Do you carry many Japanese ingredients that would appear in a normal Japanese meal?

We actually carry a huge selection of Japanese ingredients.  Based on my experience living and working in Japan for two years, here are some of the ones you’d be more likely to see during a trip.   Soy Sauce Soy
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What’s the best mushroom to use in sauces for beef?

Because both beef and mushrooms have an umami element to their flavor, most mushrooms will pair well with beef. Which mushroom you choose is more a factor of what flavors you’re looking for in your dish. Porcinis, shiitakes, morels and
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Do you have any recipes for flavored waters?

“Flavored waters” are very lightly flavored, far less potent than most beverages.  They’re generally made by adding ingredients to a pitcher of ice water that slowly infuse it with flavor as it sits.   Ideas for Flavoring Ingredients: Citrus Fruit
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What are some good dipping sauces for the sausage sampler?

There are twelve varieties of sausage in the specialty sausage sampler covering a pretty wide range of flavors.  Here are some sauce pairings we’d recommend: ● This huckleberry sauce recipe is great with most of the game meat & bird sausages
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What are the best beef cuts for smoking?

The most commonly smoked beef cuts are beef briskets and ribs (either short ribs or beef spare ribs).  Though less common, you’ll sometimes also see tri tip roasts smoked.

Where can I find recipes for a home sous vide machine?

Home sous vide machines are still extremely rare, and as such most recipes and information is written with chefs in mind.  Sous vide is a technique particularly popular with the “molecular gastronomy” movement at the moment, so you’re likely to
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