Poultry Questions

What is torchon?

Torchon is foie gras that’s been formed into a cylinder shape, wrapped in cloth and very gently poached in stock, goose fat or duck fat.  It’s then chilled to set, unwrapped, and sliced – typically for use as an hors
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Why do we call it chicken juice? Isn’t it really blood?

I’m assuming you’re referring to the liquid that comes from cooked chicken when cut or tested for doneness (the phrase “when the juices run clear” is often used). This “juice” is actually primarily water.  As much blood as possible is
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Do I need to remove shot from wild ducks before cooking?

…my friend shot them with a shotgun, and I’m concerned about the bullets exploding in the oven. I should be very clear here that our areas of expertise are more centered around ingredients and cooking techniques than hunting.  However, my
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Is a whole quail a decent size for one person?

It really depends on the course, the size of the bird, how much else is on the plate, and how poultry-intensive you want your meal to be. We sell whole quail in two sizes: regular (4.7-5.6oz each) and imperial (6.3-7.4oz
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Can you recommend grilling times & seasonings for whole squab?

For Grilling, Use Semi-Boneless Squab: Semi-boneless squab is a better choice for grilling than whole, bone-in squab.  With the breast, ribs, and backbones removed, squab is flatter and easier to cook through on the grill without overcooking. If you have
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My seared squab was chewy with fatty skin, should I have rendered it like duck?

It shouldn’t be necessary to score & render squab like a duck breasts. As for the chewy meat – it’s possible your squab was overcooked – chefs generally cook it no further than medium rare.  Beyond that it can start
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What type of quail do you sell?

Our whole & semi boneless quail & quail breasts are the Coturnix (aka Japanese Quail) breed. – Question Submitted by Michael H.

Do your whole birds contain giblets?

Our poulet rouge chickens, pheasants, guinea fowl, ducks, geese and squab all include giblets.  What giblets are included varies from product to product – check the product page for each species for specifics. None of our semi-boneless birds include giblets.
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What is a blue poulet?

The Blue Poulet (or Blue Foot Chicken) was an American/Canadian chicken bred to closely resemble the famous French Poulet de Bresse chicken in appearance and flavor.  As of 2012, it is no longer being produced. Poulet de Bresse has long been regarded as
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