Pasta Questions

What’s the best way to thaw frozen pasta?

…is there a special tray I should use?  If so, what’s it called? We’ve never heard of a special tray for thawing pasta.  Though we sell frozen ravioli on the webstore, we haven’t experimented much with freezing & thawing pasta
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Do you carry any vegan ravioli?

I’m afraid we don’t carry any vegan ravioli at this time.  All of our artisan ravioli fillings contain at least one variety of cheese, and the pasta they’re wrapped in contains eggs as well. – Question Submitted by Lin

What vegetable side would you recommend for your heart-shaped lobster ravioli?

We recommend taking whatever sauce you’ve paired our heart-shaped lobster ravioli with into account when picking a veggie side (lobster ravioli sauce suggestions).  Salads in general are a good pairing choice for this ravioli – green ingredients accentuate their beautiful
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What sauce would you recommend for the heart-shaped lobster ravioli for Valentine’s Day?

This fennel & parmesan pasta sauce recipe is probably the sauce we’d recommend first for our lobster heart-shaped ravioli.  It’s bright yet light, complimenting and balancing the richness of the lobster, drawn-butter & lemon filling without overpowering it.  It also
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