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What is the largest part of the grain kernel?

The largest part of the typical grain kernel is called the “endosperm” – it’s the energy storage capsule – providing the food a nascent plant needs to grow from the seed. The endosperm is the part of a wheat grain
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Can you dry szechuan buttons…

…and still maintain their potency? We’ve experimented with drying szechuan buttons in a dehydrator, and they do indeed keep their tingling effects!  Our best results probably came from dehydrating at 120°F for four hours, but we also experimented with dehydrating
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What is the difference between catch weight and net weight?

Basically net weight is exact while catch weight is approximate. Catch Weight refers to an average/approximate weight, typically because the item in question varies in size or there’s some other factor that can make the weight less than precise from
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Do I need to remove shot from wild ducks before cooking?

…my friend shot them with a shotgun, and I’m concerned about the bullets exploding in the oven. I should be very clear here that our areas of expertise are more centered around ingredients and cooking techniques than hunting.  However, my
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Are French Marigolds Edible?

Despite some people on the internet saying that they are not, French Marigolds are indeed edible according to authoritative sites like the National Gardening Association, Plants for the Future, etc. – Question Submitted by Louise

Can you provide more information about what “Gluten Free” means on the Marx Foods store?

“Gluten Free” on the Marx Foods store means that we have checked with the producer and they have assured us that the item does not naturally contain gluten. We know that for people with severe gluten reactions it’s very important
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Of the Marx Brothers, who is the coolest?? And overall best??

It would be difficult to argue that Groucho didn’t get all the best lines.  He’s certainly the most often quoted.  Harpo didn’t get any lines at all, Chico was often relegated to setting up gags/counterpoint & Zeppo and Gummo have
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Can I use sodium metabisulfite to use my fried chicken’s crust a lighter color? Do you have any other suggestions?

To be honest, I have no idea if sodium metabisulfite would help or how it would help. I’ve never played around with it before…and I don’t know anyone who has off the top of my head. Nor can I suggest
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Any tips for using roses with white chocolate? Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Unfortunately we haven’t tried decorating our edible flowers with chocolate, so we can’t offer any specific tips. We absolutely offer wholesale pricing on all our products – simply contact us with info on desired quantities and your shipping address for
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Where can I buy sodium bisulfite?

Sodium bisulfite is an antioxidant/sulfuring agent that is sometimes used by home cooks (mixed with water) to prevent fruit & vegetables from browning as they’re being dehydrated. Your best bet for tracking some down is inquiring with companies that sell
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Where can I buy German flour in the US?

While Marx Foods does not currently offer European flours, I’ve found a website that offers a few German flour varieties: GermanDeli.com. Alternatively, here’s a link to an extremely useful page offering the American equivalents of German flours for substitution purposes. 
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Will using carbonated water in my pizza dough make it lighter or crispier?

My initial gut reaction is that it probably won’t, because traditional pizza crust is a kneaded, heavy dough (relative to batters and very light pastries), two qualities that make it unlikely for the effervescence of the water to do much good. 
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Can I grind emmer into flour using my food processor, or do I have to use a mill?

Unfortunately, food processors are not suitable for milling flour because they are designed to chop rather than grind.  While it may be possible to run the processor long enough to eventually get whole grains like emmer berries broken down, the
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Who does your food photography?

We actually do all of the food photography and food styling that you see in our store and blog. And, photoshoot days are without question some of the best days of the year. – Question Submitted by Bill R.

My biscotti aren’t drying…what’s wrong? What chocolate should I use?

Here are some possible reasons why your biscotti may not be drying correctly: The biscotti are too moist: 1)  They may not be getting fully baked during their first trip to the oven.  2)  Your oven calibration may be off
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