Meat Questions

Can I freeze sweetbreads?

Absolutely! In fact, you probably should. Sweetbreads, like other offal cuts, are very perishable and should be cooked or frozen ASAP. We actually sell our veal sweetbreads frozen & recommend using them within a day of thawing. – Question Submitted
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Should I use grass-fed wagyu or grain-finished wagyu in burgers?

It’s a matter of personal preference. Here’s the criteria that I’d use to decide: Fat Content: As a general rule of thumb, ground beef that is 20% fat is considered by chefs to be ideal for burgers & other formed
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Why did my frozen grass-fed beef arrive past its expiration date?

Don’t worry, it’s ok! That is actually a use or freeze by date, so the actual use-by date for frozen product is up to two years after the fresh use-by date. Because of the immaculate cleanliness of their processing operations,
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What are chizliks? Where can I buy them?

According to wikipedia, chizliks/chislics are a specific dish native to South Dakota rather than a specific cut: cubes of grilled or fried meat on skewers or toothpicks.  It looks like chizliks can be made from beef, lamb, mutton or game
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Are the boars wild in the country or farm raised?

Our wild boar meat is all completely wild – humanely trapped in Texas hill country, then processed in a USDA-inspected facility.  Not only is it lean and delicious, but because they’re invasive (and rather destructive), you’re actually helping the environment
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How do you prep & sear foie gras?

Selecting Foie Gras The foie grade you select is important as different grades are suited to different applications: Grade A foie is the best choice for searing because it’s firmer, larger, and better looking. Grade B can also be used
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Do you need to tenderize steaks before grilling?

As a general rule, the common steak cuts (premium steaks like filet mignon/tenderloin, ribeye, strip, top sirloin…or cheaper by still excellent cuts like flank, hanger, skirt, flat iron) can be grilled without tenderizing. That said, some people choose to tenderize
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Can you freeze sweetbreads?

Absolutely. In fact, doing so is quite common and highly recommended. Sweetbreads, like most other organ meats/offal, are extremely perishable.  Our grain-fed veal sweetbreads are stored and sold frozen, and should be used within a day of thawing. – Question
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What are sweetbreads?

Sweetbreads are the thymus glands of a young animal, typically lamb or veal.  They have a mild flavor and a rich, creamy texture.  They’re one of the most prized organ meats (offal) and are a luxury ingredient.  Of the two
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Are your grass fed & free range meats finished with grass or grain?

All of our grass-fed meats (grass-fed beef, merino lamb & venison) are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.  They are never fed grain. “Free range” refers to the animal’s living conditions rather than diet, and there are some free range meats on
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I left chicken in a brine for six days…is it ruined?

You’ve probably overbrined your chicken, significantly damaging its flavor and texture.  I’d recommend throwing it away and starting over.  My understanding is that two days is the upper limit for brining. – Question Submitted by Donnie G.

Are your meats free range, grass fed, antibiotic free, etc?

Many of our meats are free range, some are grass fed, some are wild.  Most are free from sub-therapeutic antibiotics & growth hormones. We have a free range & wild products page that will help you jump to the most
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Do you have sausages without soy, garlic & onion?

All our specialty sausages have ingredient lists on their product pages, so you can see what went into them before you order.  While we have several sausages that do not appear to contain soy (for example, the ones in our
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Can you supply wild boar cheeks?

Unfortunately the facility that processes our wild boar meat is not currently able to process meat from the head (see Can I Order Whole Wild Boar with the Head & Skin On? for more details). – Question Submitted by Brian

How safe is wild boar meat for consumption? Is it inspected?

Just like the pork you buy in the grocery store, all of our wild boar meat is inspected by the USDA in approved USDA facilities.  For more information about the process, please see How Wild Boar is Harvested. – Question
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