Marx Foods Webstore FAQ

Are the foods on your website shipped from you or drop shipped from other companies?

We ship some products direct from the source and some from our facilities. Please contact us if you are curious about specific products. – Question Submitted by Mike

Do you ship to Canada?

Unfortunately, at this time we can only ship to the United States, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. – Question Submitted by Jason E.

Can you send a sample palm leaf plate to my caterer?

Yes! Please e-mail sample requests for palm leaf plates to info (at) marxfoods (dot) com. Be sure to include the varieties you’re interested in, the shipping address you’d like them sent to, and (ideally) a rough sense of when your
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When I order perishables from Marx Foods, how are they shipped so they stay cold/frozen?

When you order perishable food from the Marx Foods store, we use the same delivery methods we use with our fine dining restaurant customers. During the ordering process, you will be asked to select a “preferred delivery date”.  This is
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Who does your food photography?

We actually do all of the food photography and food styling that you see in our store and blog. And, photoshoot days are without question some of the best days of the year. – Question Submitted by Bill R.

What does “Catch Weight” mean?

Catch Weight is a food industry term that means “approximate weight”. Because unprocessed food products (particularly meats) naturally vary in size, most food sold by the case is sold by catch weight. The actual weight may be slightly more or
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My order had an “AVS Failure.” What does that mean?

An AVS failure (or Address Verification System failure) occurs when the billing address that the bank has on file for your card does not EXACTLY match the billing address you entered at checkout. There are 2 parts that can fail:
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Can I order a smaller quantity than what’s on

Sadly, no.  We can only offer these low prices by selling products in bulk.  In addition, many of these products (for example, Kurobuta pork & high-grade Kobe Beef) are of a level of quality normally reserved for fine restaurants.  As
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Can I place a Marx Foods order over the phone?

Sure!  Although ordering through the Marx Foods website is much faster.  If you want to order over the phone, you will first need to contact us and request a credit card authorization form to be sent to you.  Once you’ve filled it
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Is there a way to save on shipping from Marx Foods?

Yes, but it depends on what you are ordering.  If your order contains several items from the same product category, give us a call, and we’ll see if we can group the items for more affordable shipping and pass on
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How soon will my order ship when I buy from Marx Foods?

When products ship depends a great deal on the product ordered and when your order was placed.  Perishable items are usually shipped after we receive your order, and sent overnight.  However, you can also select the a later delivery date
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Can I come in to pick up my order from Marx Foods?

If you live in Seattle, yes. Our first retail shop is open in lower Queen Anne (click here for more info). We may be opening more retail locations in the future, but for now we only offer in-store pickup at
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Can I request items not currently on the Marx Foods store?

Certainly!  In fact, we have access to well over 5,000 items, many of which are not currently featured on  If you’re looking for a special food item and don’t know where to find it, contact us, and we’ll do
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Where do your products come from?

Our products come to you from all over the world.  For example, our kangaroo meat is from Australia, Nuovo gourmet pasta is made in Connecticut, our wild mushrooms are hand-foraged in the American Pacific Northwest, and our Palm Leaf Plates come
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Can I submit a recipe to

Sure!  If you have an original recipe using a Marx Foods product that you don’t mind being reprinted or distributed, and would like to send it us to be considered for publishing on or the Marx Foods blog, please e-mail it
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