Herb Questions

How long will your mint stay fresh?

We estimate that our fresh mint will last up to a week if stored in your refrigerator’s crisper. – Question Submitted by Neil S.

How much does 100 tbsp of finely chopped cilantro leaves weigh?

According to The Book of Yields, each tablespoon of chopped fresh cilantro weighs approximately .093 ounces.  Thus, 100 tablespoons would weigh 9.3 ounces. Some important caveats about this estimate: 1) The Book of Yields attempts to estimate averages, it isn’t
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What are “aromatics”?

“Aromatics” is a term used for the vegetables, herbs and spices used expressly to bring flavor and aroma (rather than nutritive value) to a dish, liquor, or beverage.   Beyond that basic explanation there is argument over its exact definition.
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Do you sell fresh sage in large bunches (12-20″ long) for hanging?

Unfortunately no.  The fresh sage we sell is cut for standard culinary use, with the sprigs averaging 4-5 inches long.  We aren’t able to special-order longer sprigs at this time. – Question Submitted by Cathleen A.  

Where do bay leaves come from?

Most bay leaves are dried Mediterranean bay leaves harvested from the bay laurel (laurus nobilis) – originally from the Mediterranean (Asia Minor). California bay leaves are actually from a different plant – umbellularia californica, which is native to California and
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What herb can I substitute for parsley?

The closest herb substitute may be chervil, which is a delicate herb with a mild anise-parsley flavor. If your recipe calls for curly parsley and your reason for substituting is the texture and/or appearance, try substituting flat leaf/Italian parsley –
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Is it possible to freeze sorrel leaf? How do I do it?

We haven’t tested this ourselves, but we’ve read that fresh sorrel can be frozen if it’s cooked down into a sauce first (a butter-based sauce was suggested).  Once you’ve made your sauce, just freeze it in the quantities you expect
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How many pounds of basil do I need to make 100 5oz jars of pesto? I will be using leaves & stems.

We can’t be sure because A) it depends on your recipe and B) The Book of Yields, which we use for our herb estimates, doesn’t include stems in its calculations. However, here’s an estimate that should help you come up
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How many cups of fresh basil leaves are there in a pound?

According to “The Book of Yields”, a handbook used by chefs to estimate quantities of items normally sold by the pound, approximately 56% of basil sprigs’ weight is usable leaves. The Book of Yields also estimates that each cup of
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I’ve been storing homemade herb oil at room temperature for a while, is it still safe to use?

Generally we do not recommend storing any homemade infused oils at room temperature for long due to safety concerns.  Homemade flavored oils (particularly garlic oils according to the FDA, but also possibly other flavors) can grow botulism bacteria. Don’t let
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Can baby dill be used for canning?

While our bulk baby dill can be used to flavor brines and other liquids to be used in canning, it is much more tender, delicate, and heat-sensitive than mature dill.  It will probably wilt when exposed to canning temperatures, and
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How many sprigs are in a pound of fresh sage?

Because of how widely sage leaves can vary in size (and therefore weight), we’re not able to give a helpful estimate of the number of sprigs in each pound.  However, we can tell you that you can generally assume that
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How many sprigs are in a pound of fresh lemon thyme?

While we’re unable to provide an estimate specifically for fresh lemon thyme, we estimate that there are approximately 690 sprigs of common thyme per pound, and lemon thyme sprigs should be fairly similar in weight. – Question Submitted by Becky

How many sprigs are in a pound of fresh marjoram?

Fresh marjoram is a light, delicate herb, so each pound contains a high number of sprigs.  By our best estimate, there are approximately 610 sprigs of marjoram per pound. – Question Submitted by Becky

How many sprigs are in a pound of fresh rosemary?

It’s hard to say with much certainty due to the fact that fresh herbs are traditionally sold by weight rather than by number of sprigs, but a (very) rough estimate would be forty-five 6-8 inch sprigs of fresh rosemary per pound.
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