Can I freeze edible flowers for later use?

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Not really. Edible flowers can be frozen, and will look just fine as long as they stay frozen. However, as soon as they thaw (and they’ll thaw out very quickly) they’ll turn limp and their colors will darken. You’ll lose the beauty that you bought them for in the first place.

Here’s an example using edible snapdragons, edible pansies, and the microflower blend:



The one notable exception is Szechuan buttons, which will darken and go somewhat limp, but will keep their mouth tingling effect intact. In fact, in our test it may have even gotten stronger.  Some chefs use them as an ingredient in ice creams and sorbets!

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2 Responses to “Can I freeze edible flowers for later use?”

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    gloria says:

    How long can I keep the edible flowers frozen until use??? thank you for your reply.

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    Matthew says:

    Hi Gloria,

    I’ve personally frozen Szechuan buttons in my home freezer for months and months with no noticeable ill effects to the flowers (beyond what you get from freezing them at all).

    However, because the damage done to other edible flowers after any time frozen (see before & after photos above), we’ve never done any tests to see how long they can be kept in the freezer.

    Marx Foods