Why aren’t squash blossoms available to ship every day?

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Because their most common culinary application is being used as a natural wrapper stuffed with cheese or other fillings, fresh squash blossoms must be picked at night or in the very early morning while they are still closed (and thus form a natural vessel).  They are extremely perishable as well as fragile, lasting only a few days off of the plant, and so must be handled very carefully and shipped the day they are picked.

Because of these factors, it is not only possible that the squash blossoms we receive for the day will be of inferior quality and we won’t be able to ship them, but also that we won’t know this until the shipping day you’ve selected.  It isn’t really the farmers’ or pickers’ fault – they’re just a very finicky crop and quality can fluctuate.  When ordering, please allow a window of a day or two after your preferred delivery date in case we have to hold your order until our usual top quality blossoms are available.

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