What is the BMS number on your wagyu/Kobe beef?

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BMS is the Japanese grading system applied to Kobe beef and is a way to judge beef’s level of marbling beyond the standard USDA Grades (Select, Choice, Prime).  You will find the grading scale applied to our Australian Kobe beef here – Kobe Beef Grading System.

All of the premium steak cuts (whole & cut ribeye, strip, t-bone/porterhouse & tenderloin/filet mignon) on the Marx Foods store are graded on their product pages in the “Features:” section.  We use the system linked above for the Australian cuts, so by referring to the chart you’ll know exactly what to expect.  Other cuts (flank steaks, stew meat, ground beef, etc) are not graded.

The grades we offer on the website are usually selected for a balance of (relative) affordability & decadent marbling.  If you would prefer higher grade cuts, we can often special order them.  Contact us to inquire about details.

– Question Submitted by Carl

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