How does bison/buffalo meat’s nutritional content compare to conventional beef?

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In general, bison meat is considerably leaner than beef, with about half the fat and calories.  It’s also higher in protein.

Using the USDA National Nutrient Database* to compare generalized statistics on the “lean” (i.e. meat as opposed to fat) in raw bison ribeyes vs. conventional Choice beef ribeyes provides this data:

  Bison/Buffalo Beef
Protein 22.10g 20.13g
Fat 2.40g 8.30g
Cholesterol 62mg 59mg
Calcium 6mg 10mg
Iron 2.80mg 2.18mg
Potassium 344mg 373mg
Sodium 48mg 63mg
B-6 0.252mg 0.420mg
B-12 2.20mcg 3.57mcg


The Nutrient Database provides additional nutritional content should you be looking for specific info, the above are just some of the highlights.

In addition to the above health benefits, bison also possesses a richer, sweeter beef-like flavor and a coarser grain.  It’s a great substitute for beef in most recipes, as long as its lower fat content and faster cooking time are taken into account.

– Question Submitted by Walter

*as of 6/29/11

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    Kristy says:

    We have a small bison ranch in Cadiz, Ohio and we just love the taste of it. It is lean and clean tasting. It tastes like grass fed beef. It is so good for you too. Try some for yourself. Eat All American…