Which is better for sautéing, white meat or dark meat?

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We’re assuming you’re asking about chicken.  Other poultry varieties have different meat & with correspondingly different cooking recommendations.

In the case of chicken, white meat (breast meat) is the most commonly sautéed.  This is because sautéing is a hot & fast cooking technique best suited to quick cooking ingredients.  Chicken breasts are leaner than legs & thighs, so they cook faster.  They also have a uniform composition that makes them easier to cut up into similarly sized pieces that will cook at the same rate.

Dark meat (legs & thighs on a chicken) takes longer to cook and tends to contain more connective tissue (which takes time to break down).  This can make it difficult to cook dark meat through evenly using the high heat of a sauté or stir fry.  We’d recommend slower and/or more even cooking methods like roasting, braising, etc. for these portions of your bird.

– Question Submitted by Stephanie

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