What’s the best way to use jarred truffles in carbonara?

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…would you chop some up and make truffle pasta, or put some in the sauce, or grate some on top?

Jarred truffles are a great way to add the appearance of truffles to a dish, but they typically don’t have a lot of flavor.

You can use them in any of the three of the ways you’ve suggested, but I’d recommend doing what chefs do – using pieces in the most visible way possible (like slicing them very thinly & putting them on top), and using truffle oil or truffle salt in the dish or as a finishing ingredient to back them up with truffle flavor and aroma.

Our recipe for pasta with truffle cream sauce is a good example of how to do this, and I’d recommend doing something similar in your carbonara. Just be careful to taste as you go & remember that truffle products are typically very strong. When using truffle oil, it’s best to add it at the end of cooking – it’s sensitive to heat.

Different companies balance their truffle salt & oil differently, so you may have to try a few until you find one you like (and the amount you’ll need to use will vary with brand).

At the risk of sounding salesy, I recommend our Selezione all natural truffle products. They’re the most balanced we’ve tested and that makes a big difference in the finished dish.

– Question Submitted by Kaylyn C.

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