What are the best restaurants in Seattle?

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We are up to our gills in good eats in Seattle.  Our out-of-town friends, colleagues and customers always ask where to eat.  Here are Justin’s favorites:

Intimate, Cozy, not-cliche small PNW plates: Pair

Best Italian: Spinasse

Best Oyster & Solid Seafood: Steelhead Diner

Best Mexican: El Camion

Take your palate on a PNW tour: Poppy

Best Japanese Cuisine: Maneki

Best Sushi: Shiro’s

Best pizza: Serious Pie Via Tribunali.  Order the Margherita DOC with pepperoni, an arugula salad and a negroni.  And, don’t share one bite.  OK, maybe one.

Great Korean: Hae Nam Kalbi & Calamari House

Best Middle Eastern: Zaina

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