What’s the best offal to use for an amuse bouche?

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I wouldn’t presume to declare one cut “the best” for any course – but I do have some suggestions.

First off, the best amuses (in my opinion) are one-bite manifestos that tell you something about the chef, the upcoming meal, or the restaurant.  They should give you a sense of what the establishment/chef’s culinary philosophy is…or what flavors & techniques they’ve been exploring lately.

As such, I’d suggest thinking the other way around – what message do you want to send about how you cook, what you think of offal, or what the rest of the meal is going to be like?  Then decide on the best combination of ingredients & technique to impart that message.

You might consider bone marrow with toast or small morsels of veal sweetbreads (perhaps grilled, roasted or fried).

If you & your guests are ok with foie gras, you could get many amuses out of a small amount of foie – allowing you to feature it on a budget.

Braised veal, pork or beef cheek offer bold flavor in just a small bite, and are likely to be more agreeable to those who aren’t comfortable with offal (since cheeks are muscle rather than an organ).  We also offer veal liver slices.

– Question Submitted by David M.

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